ISIS women plead Australian Govt to rescue them as Syrian Army advances


Australia — Two ISIS women of Australian nationality sent audio messages to the Government to rescue them as Syrian Army advances into the Al Hol camp in northern Syria. However, Australian Government rejected the plea indicating those women to be “potential” danger.

The National quoted an audio message of one of the women, “We understand the world has hate, but we’re asking just as regretful humans, don’t let us fall into the hands of the regime, please.”

Another woman who is mother of two yound children sobs, “Until now Australia hasn’t done anything for us”.

However, the Australian Government has refused to evacuate the women and children.

Home Minster Peter Dutton said in an interview with Radio 2GB, “some of the women in the camp are as hardcore as their male counterparts and have the potential and capacity to come back… and cause a mass casualty event.”

Australian Defence Minister Linda Reynolds also said, “the government would not risk Australian personnel to rescue the Australians.”

The woman is among 66 Australians, including 46 children, living in the camp for the children and former partners of Islamic State fighters.

The National quoted International relations expert Professor Mark Beeson from the University of Western Australia that the authorities should so what they can to get the Australian civilians out of the area.

“The Government needs to show a bit of gumption and leadership, and the kids aren’t to blame for having dopey parents,” Professor Beeson added.

Kristina Keneally who is an opposition spokesperson, she said that over 46 children lurk in the ISIS camps, and the children should not bear the mistakes of their parents.

The Turkish military operation in Syria has pushed the Kurds to the side of Bashar al-Assad, the deal between the Kurdish leaders and Syrian government will help capture Al Hol camp and the prisoners will be executed.

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