Stop Vilifying Saudi Rulers for Everything


by Umme-Ameena bint Ilyas

Should Saudi Rulers be knocking doors and giving justifications to people sitting on couches and drinking tea during Salah?

Vilifying Saudi Rulers for everything happening to the Muslims in the world is ignorance.

Sharing posters and cartoons in the name of spreading awareness, showing the Muslim leaders as wrongdoers and criminals? Don’t you fear God?

If they own a land where Masjid Al Haram and Masjid An Nabwi exist, they do their best to guard what has been given under their guardianship.

How they engage with other leaders of the world, Muslims or non-Muslims, is their strategies and diplomacy for the wellbeing of their country and people.

Should Saudi Rulers be knocking doors and giving justifications to people sitting on couches and drinking tea during Salah?

God has not made them responsible for the billions of Muslims across the world.

If you say, you are in shock as “Saudi Arabia represents Islam”, you’re mistaken, because every Muslim represents Islam. Your actions as a Muslim, individually represents Islam. So be shocked when you watch movies in your little theatre (televisions), and when your children are keen to imitate the their hip-hop role models. Being heedless regarding your own misguidance and you worry about Saudi Arabia getting “Modern”?

Everyone knows their responsibilities so holding others responsible for ones condition is wrong, so hold yourself accountable – “…but whatever of evil befalls you, is from yourself” [an-Nisa’ 4:79]

What Saudi Arabia does, why it’s doing it is none of anyone’s business. The deeds of the Kings is between them and God Who has given them kingship over the land. The calamities we have in our phones and homes is what should concern a sincere Muslim.

Rest, speaking against the Muslim rulers, not just Saudi Arabia but any one is forbidden in Islam. If you want change, seek knowledge and practice it for yourself. Pray for guidance of the Muslim nations and the Rulers.

Busy yourself with the affairs of your homes—the condition of your own kingdoms for which you will be held accountable. Try to set Islam as a medium of living in your own kingdoms. Busy yourself with your deeds and rectify your affairs for you will be questioned about it. You won’t be questioned regarding what you didn’t share about the King of KSA behind his back.

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