Saudi Doctors treat Iranian Pilgrim by removing Brain Tumor, Pilgrim praises Saudi Hospitality on TV

Makkah — A team of expert Saudi medical doctors successfully treated an Iranian pilgrim and removed brain tumor which caused him loss of eyesight, at King Abdullah Medical City in the holy city of Makkah.

Muhdi Moueen who is on a Hajj pilgrimage from Iran, along with his wife and sister started feeling severe headache and loss of eyesight due to the increase of brain tumor that occupied the pituitary gland.

He was rushed to the medical city after he started complaining about severe headache and he couldn’t open his left eye. Initially, Moueen was reluctant to get treatment done at the hands of Saudi Doctors, but his pain couldn’t resist him.

Saudi Doctor Sultan al-Sayari performed regular checkups on him for three days and finally performed surgery to remove the tumor.

Doctor Kamal Naser who is leading the Iranian medical team said that Moueen was reluctant initially but he trusted the Saudi Doctors who helped him and removed the tumor.

“He had a tumor which could cause hemorrhage and affects the eyesight,” explained the Saudi doctor Sultan al-Sayari about the pilgrim’s medical condition.

Moueen was interviewed by local TV channels where he thanked Saudi Authorities and experienced Saudi medical team serving the pilgrims.