Indian Minorities should obtain licensed weapons for self-defense, says Supreme Court Lawyer


New Delhi — Senior Supreme Court lawyer Mahmood Pracha has requested the weaker sections of minority communities of India to obtain licensed weapons to keep themselves and their families protected from the increasing mob violence. He said during a press conference in New Delhi.

According to Millennium Post, Paracha said that if the security organizations fail to fulfill their duty to protect the citizens, then it becomes incumbent upon the weaker sections to exercise “their right for self-defense” and obtain licensed weapons.

“Even if the weaker section needs sell their jewellery and property, they should do it to buy licensed weapon to guard themselves. This should also work as a deterrent to those who think they will target the minority and will get away easily,” Pracha said.

A workshop will also be conducted in Lucknow on July 26 where minorities apart from Muslims will be taught about legal provisions to procure arms license for self-defense, he informed.

There will be physical training and other combat skills including martial arts in order to train minorities to keep themselves on toes during the uncalled situations.

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