Deoband Clerics angry over “Shri Ram” bricks used for drainage, strict action demanded


Meerut — A group of clerics of Darul-uloom Deoband condemned the use of bricks with Hindu deity’s name “Shri Ram” printed over it for the construction of drains, and demanded strict action against the contractors in Uttarkhand in north India.

A post went viral which showed the construction of drains with “Shri Ram” bricks. The Deoband clerics immediately condemned the derogatory act citing Islamic values.

Qari Ishaq Gora, head of Madrasa Jamaat Dawat-ul-Muslimeen said that,
“It is the duty of every Indian to respect other religions and their followers. This kind of use of bricks is wrong and must be criticised in the strongest language. Government agencies must take adequate steps to stop this sacrilege.”

“We also demand strict action against those who have hurt religious sentiments,” he added.

Another Deobandi cleric Mufti Yadilaahi Qasmi said, “Our country is an example of tolerance. This is the main reason why we have been coexisting in harmony for centuries. People of so many faiths live here and broadly speaking we respect each other. This kind of work has hurt our feelings as deeply as those of our Hindu brethren. An inquiry must be set up to hold those responsible for this insensitive work.”

The pluralistic attitude shown by the Deobandi clerics was applauded by the extremist Hindu outfit Bajrang Dal.

Bajrang Dal leader Balraj Dungar said, “We support Deoband in this regard. We demand immediate action in this regard.”

In a country where minorities were subjected to brutal suppression in the form of cow vigilantism and mob-lyching, the Deoband’s stance to fill the gaps has appealed the liberal section of the country.

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