Egypt will not accept any plan against Palestinians, says Sisi after breaking fast

Makkah — Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that Egypt will not accept any plan that goes against the interests of Palestinians, speaking to the press on Sunday in Cairo after breaking fast, he was referring to the U.S. Mideast peace plan to be worked about after Ramadan.

Sisi also dismissed the rumors that Egypt might consider concessions as part of the U.S. plan.

U.S. President Donald J Trump has described the Mideast peace plan as the “deal of the century”, which is designed to resolve the on-going Israel-Palestine conflict.

According to some of the Arab sources, the “deal of the century” has some of the points coinciding with the “Two State Solution” or “Arab Peace Initiative” proposed by Saudi Arabia in 2002.

It envisages an expansion of Gaza into parts of northern Sinai, under Egyptian control, Palestinian officials have told Reuters.

“You are asking what’s the story and what does Sisi have in mind, and will he give up anything to anyone,” apparently referring to reports that Egypt could be required to allow areas in Sinai adjacent to the Gaza border to be part of the deal.

The original Arab Peace 2002 has three major points—which covers land swapping, return of Palestinian refugees to their original homes, and to make East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.