Saudi Arabia Vs. Iran, ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood


by Safi-ar-Rahman Ibn Muslim Faizi Bandwi

One could easily understand the tactics of these treacherous snakes, and the hatred and enmity they carry in their souls for Saudi Kingdom.

Ever since Saudi Arabia has muzzled terrorism, and started raising the alarm over persecution and eradication of Sunni Muslims in Iran & other Muslim countries, in addition to launching an offensive retaliation to counter terrorist ideologies – since then, the pernicious Shitte militias assemblage has begun a new round of propaganda against Saudi Arabia. Along-with their tub-thumping Daeshi and Ikhwani (Muslim Brotherhood) scourges, their intention is to disrupt the peace and harmony of this Kingdom and cause corruption on Earth.

Lately, on 21 April ISIS carried out an attack on a intel institution in Zulfi, some 250 km from Riyadh in which three police officers suffered injuries and four terrorist were killed. Consequently, raids were conducted in various localities arresting around 40 terrorists – all Shittes except five or six.

After these arrests, even the Indian Shitte scholars started parroting the ‘minorities in Saudi Arabia are suppressed’ mantra – meaning the entire Shitte groups are involved in Saudi enmity, desiring to capture the Holy Haramain. With Intentions to implement their vilest deviant creed upon the Haramain, and by profaning the resting graves of the honorable Sahabah they desire to fulfill their long-standing enmity.

The fact that the Shiite groups are from the generations of Khawarij, and that the Daesh and Ikhwani follow in their footsteps – are the disasters perfectly understood by Saudi Arabia. Precisely the reason why these desperate deviants are confused.

One can evaluate their despondency given the statement by their Ikhwani Mufti Sadiq Gharyani, who claims people that have already done Hajj or Umrah once, need not to do so again because he flagrantly believes the Saudi Kingdom uses that income to murder Muslim kids. Deplorable beliefs!

By now, one could easily understand the tactics of these treacherous snakes, and the hatred and enmity they carry in their souls for Saudi Kingdom. These butchering tyrants continue to murder Sunni in Yemen, have demolished mosques, destroyed universities and the satanic Assad Bashar has annihilated hundreds of thousand of Sunnis, and carpet bombed their historic beautiful Syrian cities.

But when one responds to their atrocities by calling them “Kaafir”, it becomes an unforgivable crime. Through acts of sabotage this notorious alliance destroys the peace and prosperity of Sunni countries they operate in, yet when countered it is perceived as oppression. Iranians and Ikhwani alongside the Russians blatantly support the fiendish Bashar, a policy they consider their right, however, objections against them becomes repression!

Reality is, currently – Israeli Jews, Iranian Shittes and other groups, ISIS/Daesh and Ikhwani (Muslim Brotherhood) – have all allied as a nation against pristine Islam. Their method of confrontation against Islamic Countries varies to suit their power seizing ambitions. In some places, they infiltrate to create hollowness from within the Muslim ranks, and in some utilize terrorism to create turbulence. The objectives are to weaken the muslims and their legitimate rulers.

Notwithstanding, Saudi Arabia – all praises to Allah – is consciously alert. King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman have kept this despicable alliance under stringent observation, and utilized all resources to lambaste and contend with their deception and terrorism.

Translated by Afreen Baig.

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