Gadkari is qualified to replace Modi if BJP comes to power, says Subramaniam Swamy

New Delhi – Narender Modi may not become next Prime Minister as Nitin Gadkari is qualified to replace Modi if Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) comes to power by making alliance with the partner parties,  BJP’s leader Subramanian Swamy revealed in an interview on Wednesday.

“Supposing BJP stops at 230 or 220, and there are 30 seats of the NDA, so 250 is guaranteed. So, we will have to get 30 more,” Swamy said while giving interview to Huffington Post India.

Swamy disclosed BJP’s intentions to field Nitin Gadkari as Modi’s replacement, since Gadkari belongs to Deshahtha Brahmin caste while Modi belongs to Modi-Ganchi (oil presser) caste.

Swamy said clearly, if the partner parties say no to Narender Modi, BJP will have to contend another candidate as his replacement.

“It depends on whether the other partners — the extra 30 or 40 — if they say no, we can’t accept him,” Swamy said.

“If he is, then it would be wonderful. He is qualified, he is as good as Modi,” Swamy said while referring to Gadkari.

When asked about why Mayawati of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is contesting against BJP in Uttar Pradesh, Swamy replied, “BSP could join and I would not be surprised if she wants a change in leadership.”