University or Palace? 10 Stunning Photos of Princess Noura Women’s University of Saudi Arabia


by Farhaa Abdelhaq

Princess Noura University is the female only largest university in the world with over 60,000 students in 34 different colleges. It was inaugurated by the late King Abdullah who envisioned it to be at the forefront of female social, spiritual and economic empowerment. For many young Saudi female, studying here is like a dream come true.

1. I mean, are you for real?

2. Palace or uni?

3. They’ve got a metro inside too

4. Lounge/dining area on absolute FLEEK

5. Interior goals

6. No words…


8. Not your typical dorm room

9. Resort Vibes…

10. Because cafeteria food is too mainstream

Article first published on LovinSaudi.

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