Uber launches customized feature for Saudi Female Drivers to block Male Passengers

Riyadh – Uber has launched customized cab-booking feature for Saudi female-drivers that help them block male passengers from taking their ride.

According to a 2018 Uber survey, 74% female drivers don’t prefer taking male passengers. Keeping the demand in view, Uber came up with “Women Preferred View” feature which comes under “Masaruky” initiative of Uber that aims at helping more Saudi female drivers.

Women in Saudi Arabia were granted driving permission in June 2018. More female drivers are likely to hit the road in the near future as the demand for female drivers continues, however, Saudi women don’t prefer unknown male passengers due to the societal values, hence Uber has come up with the customized feature.

“We want to enable Saudi women to achieve their economic ambitions and goals — in the same way that we have done around the world. We want to drive change that is positive, meaningful and economically empowering”, Uber said in a press release in 2018.

“This is just the start, and we will continue working with experts to leverage our external research as we move forward to ensure that this is in the best interest of women driver-partners in the Kingdom.”