Libya’s Mufti calls Umrah as “Sin”, urges followers to boycott it, yet 6 Million new pilgrims arrive


Makkah – Libya’s radical hate-monger Mufti Sadiq al-Gharaini on Friday called to boycott Umrah and Hajj by terming it a “sin” since it helps Saudi Government earn more money. However, nearly 6 million new Umrah visas have been issued and the pilgrims keep outnumbering.

The radical Mufti on the Libya’s national television channel Ean Libya said, “I assume full responsibility before God for issuing the fatwa that Muslims
will commit an act of sin rather than a good deed if they perform Hajj or Umrah.”

According to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah data, a total of 5,273,075 pilgrims arrived in the Kingdom until Thursday and 4,801,032 of the left the country after performing the rituals of the minor pilgrimage in Makkah and visiting the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah.

The data said, there were 513,031 pilgrims from India, 316,034 from Egypt, 250,713 from Turkey, 246,992 from Yemen, 243,793 from Malaysia, 226,538 from Algeria 185,051 from Iraq and 148,041 from Jordan.

Muslim Brotherhood preachers for the past few years have been encouraging fellow Muslims to boycott Hajj and Umrah to teach Saudi Government a lesson for their coalition efforts to liberate Yemen. Nevertheless, pilgrims pay no heed to their hate-sermons.

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