Make No Excuses—a Key to Success


by Sajid Holy

Cycles of excuses are great obstacles in the path of leadership. You have to acknowledge that a problem is a problem, and you are not going to discuss problems, but think positively and creatively towards solutions. Being self aware and willingness to address the issues is the key. Get to the root cause of problems. Understand why people make excuses, take yourself out of the fearful world and overcome your limitations.

Ask yourself why you are making excuses? Do you want to cover your faults, or you want to avoid criticism, punishment and penalty? Do you fear failure? When a person is suffering with inferiority complex he may lack confidence in himself which leads him to make excuses every now and then.

Let’s consider making “no excuses” one of our core values – be it customer experience, employee experience, strategy, or the business in general.

If you fear getting fired, if you are afraid to be answerable, if you are not enough responsible or you lack the sense of accountability, if you have a tendency of self-discouragement, if and you can’t clearly communicate with yourself you will make excuses to cover yourself.

If you are afraid of working in an open environment and with a team this will be a great hindrance in the path of success, especially in the corporate world. Teamwork is the essence of productivity. If you lack enthusiasm and if you do not look for adequate resources to achieve your goals, this is definitely going to affect the overall productivity and branding of your organization. Question your own self for your own mistakes.

Try to reform yourself and eliminate the habits of escapism and negativity. Stop the habit of playing ping pong of excuses. Seek advice of your seniors, your parents, and your life partner, you co-workers and at times, you shouldn’t even hesitate to seek advice from your juniors. Give your employees the freedom to think and act productively. Ask them constantly about the progress until you get a satisfactory response.

Honesty is an integral part of any business. If you lack honesty this will make you express the words of excuses in every other project you deal with. Try your level best to constantly develop yourself. Never think that you reached a point of saturation being satisfied with your limited knowledge. Make a goal to conquer new heights and unseen horizons.  Be optimistic and act in a positive, affirming manner.

It is necessary to have a clear vision. Do not expect less from yourself while delivering and at the same time expecting more from others while demanding and getting compensated! If you are lazy enough and if you run away from working hard and to strive towards the path of success, you are not going to win the race!

Life is full of struggle and challenges and one should always keep trust in Almighty Allah. Radiate positive change at work and in your personal life. The road to success is full of thorns, but these hardships should going to deter us from our mission. No matter what you are facing right now, keep on striving! You will grow stronger during the tough times of your life. These are the ingredients of leadership.

Sajid Holy is a blogger and writer, he tweets under @SajidHoly.

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