Hyderabad Surgeons forget foreceps in the patient’s stomach for three months

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Hyderabad — Doctors of a hospital in Hyderabad left a pair of foreceps in a woman’s stomach during surgery. It remained in her stomach for three months, though she started complaining about abdominal pain soon after the surgery.

A 33-year-old woman underwent surgery at the city’s Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) three months ago, no sooner she was discharged, she complained about the pain.

When she returned to the hospital for check-up and an X-ray report shocked the negligent doctors that they left a pair of foreceps in her body. The woman was immediately admitted and she was expected to undergo another surgery on Saturday morning.

“The patient is our first priority. At the earliest we are removing the instrument to nurture the patient back to health,” NIMS director K. Manohar told media.

The director promised to conduct a vigilant investigation about the negligence and would take stringent acttion against them.