HINDI becomes official language in Abu Dhabi for legal purposes

UAE – Abu Dhabi has introduced Hindi as the official language last week after Arabic and English for all the interactive forms filed for the legal purposes in court of law.

According to Khaleej Times, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department made the move aiming at providing Indian labors easy access to the court of law without the barrier of Arabic and English languages.

“The adoption of multilingual interactive forms for claim sheets, grievances and requests, aims to promote judicial services in line with the plan ‘Tomorrow 2021’, and increase the transparency of litigation procedures,” said Yousef Saeed Al Abri, undersecretary of the judicial department.

The decision was carried out by Deputy Prime Minister of Abu Dhabi and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

Two-thirds of the total five-million UAE population are foreigners, and Indian community makes upto 30% of the foreigners.

“This is in addition to facilitating registration procedures to the public through simplified and easy forms and raising litigants’ legal awareness via interactive forms of the statements of claims to ensure access to the legal materials related to the subject of the dispute,” al-Abri added.