HEALTH: Why you should always sit and drink water, explains Ayurveda


There is nothing like water to quench your thirst. It plays a key role in keeping you hydrated and just so you know, there are a lot many health problems and other related illnesses (and even weight issues) which can be solved if you just keep up with the intake of water on a regular basis. For ideal health, it is important that you have at least eight glasses of water every day.

We all have the habit of getting home and drinking water right away, often standing. Since we all believe that there is nothing wrong that water can do, we don’t give it a though how we are having it – standing or sitting. Well, wake up to the reality. When you have water standing up, you don’t get the required nutrition. Shocked? Water, if not consumed in the right manner, can be very bad for you and put you at risk of potential health problems.

According to Ayurveda, our bodies are designed in a way so that we get maximum benefits when we sit down and exercise our body. That is why, there is a reason why our elders have always told us to sit down and eat and do the same while we drink water!

However, Islamic scholars of the past explained it in more details. Ibn al-Qayyim said in the book Zaad Almaad, “drinking whilst standing has numerous negative effects, one of which is that it does not fully quench the thirst and does not settle in the stomach so that the liver can distribute the nutrients to other parts of the body. Rather it comes to the stomach with speed and force, and there is the fear that it will cause a chill or disturbance, and may pass quickly to the lower parts of the body without moving gradually. All of that is harmful to the drinker, but if he does it occasionally or in the case of need, it will not harm him.”

There is actually a right way to have water to detoxify the body and gain all the nutrients and minerals. It is important to remember that our body, though made up of 70% water, loses so much of it everyday, it is crucial to fill up on the quantity and hence, it matters that you consume it the RIGHT WAY. And no, it cannot be achieved when you stand up and drink! Wondering why? We tell you.

When you drink water standing up, the water which goes in passes through the system with a straight gush, not really reaching the organs where it is supposed to do the job. Hence, the impurities which are supposed to go out get deposited in the kidneys and the bladder. Wellness coach and fitness enthusiast Nikita Parmar also shared a post which highlighted some of the dangers of standing up and drinking water.

Standing up and drinking water makes the body out of sync with nature and triggers the nervous system, making it feel it is facing danger. The nutrients really go waste this way and your body is bound to face stress or any tension.

And worst, drinking water this way doesn’t actually quench your thirst. Since the water goes directly through, the requires nutrients and vitamins don’t reach the liver and digestive tract. This is because when you stand and drink water, it travels through the system really fast and you risk your lungs and heart functions. The oxygen levels also get disturbed this way.

This, in turn, can also put bones and joints at risk as the water gushes down the body. You can also experience joint pain, bone degeneration and weakness. Thus, the speed of chugging water down and how you drink it has an important role to play.

Hence, there is a very valid reason to sit down and gulp your water, the same way it is recommended that you sit down and have your meal. Our bodies are designed in a way that you get maximum health benefits when you sit down and keep your back erect. When you drink your water from a bottle or a glass sitting down, the nutrients reach the brain and boost its activity. It also aids better digestion this way and ensures that you don’t feel bloated after having water. Drinking water this way passes through the regular designed track and ensures all the benefits are achieved in the organs. Toxins go away, impurities are flushed out and your health improves overall!

Article extracted from TimesOfIndia.

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