Saudi Arabia to hold “Peace Forum” to foster coexistence with non-Saudi societies

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Riyadh – Saudi Arabia to hold “Saudi Peace Forum” on January 6 and 7, to foster the concepts of peaceful co-existence and cooperation between Saudi and non-Saudi societies.

The Conference Center at the headquarters of Saudi Press Agency (SPA) will be hosting it.

“Saudi Salam (peace) Forum aims at building common concepts of co-existence and building bridges of communication between Saudi society and other societies from around the world,” said Dr. Fahad bin Sultan Al-Sultan, Executive Director of Salam (Peace) for Cultural Communication project.

“The project of peace for cultural communication has been keen since the start of its work, to monitor and analyze the most prominent issues affecting the image of the Kingdom, in some international media through inaccuracy in disseminating information about Saudi Arabia and its people”, Dr Al-Sultan emphasized.

The forum is meant to highlight the progress, achievements, and the great efforts of the Kingdom which has benefited mankind and world peace.

Besides the main events, there will be numerous sub-events to highlight the significance of human and cultural heritage of the Saudi society, and its momentous efforts to promote coexistence with others.