Islam has never stopped Women Empowerment, writes Ustad Bilal Salafi


By Ustaad Bilal bin Abdullah Salafi

Islam means  peace and harmony, in this blessed religion there is solution to every problem of mankind. Islam is not confined to benefit humanity but it benefits all creatures on the face of the earth.

As far as women are concerned in Islam their status and rights are crystal clear.

Islam has considered women as “Mother of Mankind” (‘Eve’ peace be upon her).

It has named a few great women as “Mother of Believers” (Wives of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ).

Quran has dedicated an entire Surah to the womankind – “Surah an-Nisa”, and has honored the mother of Jesus by dedicating an entire Surah after her name – “Surah Maryam”.

Islam is the only religion which has uplifted women from humiliation, abasement and degradation to honor and  dignity. It has freed “Daughters of Adam” from cruelty and tyranny to justice and fairness.

Islam – the blessed religion has prevented deprivation of women rights and has elevated their status by giving them rights of inheritance, Mehr (mandatory payment paid by groom), alimony, etc.

Islam has protected the chastity of women on the face of the earth by commanding the rules of Hijab (covering), Satr (to conceal the private and attractive areas of body).

Islam—is called the religion of Fitrah (innate nature) has not only forbidden the act of burying her alive or killing of girl child but has disliked to show sadness on her birth.

It’s Islam which has enunciated the rights about the up-brining, education, healthy and hearty behavior (towards them), and marriage.

Islam has enunciated paradise under the Mother’s feet.

Islam – the religion of Mercy has strictly ordered to behave with best Manners to the wife.

Islam is not against women empowerment, it induces towards development and empowerment but within the domains of Shariah laws, discipline, and manners.

Islam – the religion of knowledge, which got started by knowledge, how come it will ask to stop acquiring knowledge!!!

If Islam inhibited Muslim women from knowledge there would be no Muhaddithath (Women narrators of hadith) and Mufassiraat (commentators), Fuqaha (jurists) in history.

In Islam, women have equal right to seek education but within the domains of Hijab and modesty.

May Allah make all the women and whole mankind to understand Islam in the light of Quran and Sunnah upon the understanding of pious predecessors, and to act upon it.

Allah is our Lord and Sustainer.

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