Bombay High Court grants bail to Hindutva leader, the prime accused of Mohsin Sheikh’s murder

Mumbai – Bombay High Court on Thursday has granted bail to the Hindu Rashtra Sena Chief accused in the murder of Pune’s Techie Mohsin Sheikh, who was brutally murdered on the night of June 2 2014.

Dhananjay Desai has been granted bail by Justice Sadhna Jadhav, however he has to file a conditional affidavit in order to get a release on bail.

Desai along with 20 others members of the Hindutva outfit was involved in the violence erupted in June owing to an unknown Facebook post against Shivaji Maharj and Bal Thackeray.

Charged out of hatred and anger, they found 28-year-old Sheikh returning from his IT job. They mercilessly attacked and killed him.

However, they were all arrested on the charges of causing violence and a murder.

The affidavit to be filed by Desai states that he will never participate in any public or political activities. It also mentions that he will not make any public speeches.

“Court has granted him bail on Thursday but the court has asked to file an affidavit with conditions. We have prepared the affidavit and have sent to him. Once he signs it we will produce it in court on Friday. Most probably he will be released on bail on Saturday,” said Desai’s lawyer, Milind Pawer.

Sheikh’s father passed away on December 17 2018 due to heart-failure and poverty, after struggling for justice for over four years. Since Sheikh was the only bread-earner of his family, his family lives under poverty.

His family still awaits justice.