Saudi Twitteratis run boycott campaigns against Turkish products

Riyadh – Saudi twitteratis have started a boycott campaign recently against all the Turkish products, in order to punish its President Tayyip Erdogan for playing dirty gimmicks using Khashoggi’s case against Saudi Arabia and its leadership.

The hashtag #Saudis_rejecting_the_Turkish_Products is storming the social media platforms demanding the fellow Saudi citizens to absolutely boycott Turkish products and substitute them with local or the products imported from the friendly countries.

The Saudi activists express their anger against Erdogan for playing the Khashoggi card against Saudi Arabia by instigating the negative propaganda, while Saudi Arabia has ignored his deliberate mistake and has been helping Turkey come out of economic turmoil which started in 2018.

A Saudi activist angrily tweeted, “Since our country is being fiercely attacked by Erdogan’s official media and Erdogan’s provocative statements; our national duty urges us to boycott any Turkish product as a response to these repeated offenses.”

An activist added, “Turkey is preoccupied with the kingdom’s internal affairs, Saudis were busy building their future.”

Another activist said, “Turkish products should be boycotted, considering that Anakara is conspiring against Saudi Arabia.”

Some of the activists have even published the logos and names of the Turkish products sold in Saudi Arabia, and asked not to purchase them.

A user questioned, “What if more than 20 million Saudis boycotted the Turkish products and tourism? It would be a slap on the face for Erdogan and anyone who think to offend the kingdom, its leadership or people, we would stand together”.

The anger comes naturally against Turkey and Qatar for their deliberate attempts to drag Prince Mohammed bin Salman into Khashoggi’s murder, while international investigation agencies denied such baseless claims.