What can make Muslims better leaders of tomorrow?


by Naweed Hasan

The purpose of this article is to make realize the Muslim individuals and societies so that they get on board to elevate their role and situation.

Assume that you are on a journey to reach a destination and the first thing you do is to find a way to your destination. Then you seek an approach to get on the way to reach your destination. Hence, the way and approach are two important aspects to get to a destination.

In this article the destination is to elevate yourself and at the same time to support the community in order to improve our economic conditions. There are several ways and different approaches to get to this goal. I will here discuss a few and leave the rest for you to discover as I strongly believe that you are capable to do so, at least.

It all starts with self-development, self-training and self-upliftment in terms of both knowledge and personality. Islam emphasizes a great deal on ‘self-development’ where an individual Muslim is advised to take the responsibility for shaping himself and his society in the best possible manner, for one’s own benefit and the benefit of the society at large.

Enhance Your Skillset – The more skills you add to your skillset the more it can make you stand out of the crowd. Below are some of the skills that I have listed, this short article won’t be enough to mention the detail required for each of the skill as each of the skills encompass the prerequisites for variety of trades, hence I highly recommend you to get more in-depth knowledge of each of this skill that you might find interesting.

Technical Skills: There are lot of businesses that constantly look for technically strong personnel to be an asset in their organizations. This can also form a basis or foundation for you to establish your own small company if you develop an entrepreneur mindset in future. One might be curious to know the advantages of strong technical skills, well, first and foremost it will help you to get a significantly higher paying work. Furthermore you can empower yourself, save time and money that one would spend when he/she lacks in specific technical skill, make intelligent decisions and feel more confident and comfortable with technology.

Communication or Soft Skills: Many of us think of language when it comes to communication. It’s not wrong to say that but to be practical in real life language is just one important part of your communication, it does not complete your communication skill asset. The way you communicate with the choice of words does impact a lot on your personality, career, business and the people you deal with. Always think of getting your work done and communicate in the best appropriate manner that would get you your job done. Moreover it can help you build some really precious and strong relations.

Management Skills: Before moving on to highlighting the importance of managerial skills, I feel that I should bring to your notice, that In India there has been a trend in recent years that every third parent got their sons into engineering and their daughters to study medicine. I want to ask if these are the only two disciplines that one must get into? I don’t deny the fact that these are the respectable and reputable professions but there are other professions such as management which is equally or accordingly to me more important than the above foresaid professions.

Management skills can be nearly anything that enable you to manage others effectively. While some skills will vary based on your industry, there are several that are universal across nearly every work environment. Management skills are important for many reasons. They position you to act as an effective leader and problem-solver in so many situations. Work on acquiring and honing these skills and watch how they can impact your job performance and opportunities.

Conflict Management: Imagine yourself constantly fighting with your fellow worker. Would you ever feel going to office? Or Imagine yourself constantly fighting with your wife or mother or siblings. Would you ever be happy living in that home? I am not asking you to quit your job or leave your home.

To make your personal and professional life peaceful and stress-free, I would recommend every Muslim to learn how to manage conflicts, be at home or office or business, between friends. family members, colleagues or employees.

Conflict Management is very important because it is always wise to prevent a fight at the first place rather than facing its negative consequences. Conflict management helps to find a middle way, an alternative to any problem and successful implementation of the idea. Conflict management goes a long way in strengthening the bond among the employees and half of the problems automatically disappear. Conflict management also plays an important role in our personal lives.

Social Skills – PTP Analysis: These are behaviors and other forms of communication necessary to effectively create and maintain relationships.

Initiating conversations, making friends, having good sportsmanship, and handling bullying effectively are all a part of your social skills.

Social skills are linked to job success, independence, and emotional well-being. Those with adaptive social skills often demonstrate superior ability to observe, problem solve, and respond in social situations. These skills also contribute to your success or failure in terms of your professional career or personal relationships. Hence, it is highly required that Muslims are socially intelligent.

PTP Analysis is to know and understand the situation with respect to place, time and person, at the same time taking care of how you behave. Before you actually speak, try to know to Whom you are speaking, What, When, where you speak. This will help you to understand the impact of your action, whether you will benefit or lose and it also saves you from any negative reaction in worst situations.

Knowledge Sharing: You must have heard of the rhyme “Sharing Makes Your Life Happy Baba…” and this is not only true in terms of materialistic things, But it really does help when you exchange information, skills, expertise with other people, your friends, your family, your neighbours, and in fact with your colleagues at organization as well. Some people object to sharing as they fear that if I share my piece of knowledge with everyone I will lose the X-Factor of mine which actually keeps me always recognized among the crowd or by my management and someone else would ripe the fruits of my ideas. But this is a misconception and wrong thinking, one should develop a habit of sharing his/her knowledge. Knowledge sharing increases social interaction, leads to a rise in creative problem solving, preserves pre-existing knowledge so it is not lost and enables us to access the information we need, when we need it, therefore speeding up response times.

Naweed Hasan is an ardent entrepreneur and an engineer by profession. He regularly writes for the Milli Chronicle.

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