Saudi Arabia denies banning Palestinians from Hajj, calls Israeli and UK news ‘illogical’

Jakarta – A Saudi envoy in Jakarta on Tuesday denied the Israeli and UK news reports of banning Palestinians from Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage by calling it ‘illogical’.

The Saudi envoy to Indonesia, Osama bin Mohammed Abdullah al-Shuaib, while addressing reporters, said, “The reports are wrong and cannot be trusted. It was made by Israel and the U.K. sides.”

He rubbished the propaganda by a London-based online news portal – Middle East Eye – as ‘illogical’ as the Palestinian population is around seven million, unlikely to get a pilgrim quota of three million.

Al-Shuaib explained that, it is illogical that one million Palestinians performed Hajj pilgrimage. With their seven million population, their Hajj quota accepts only 7000 pilgrims.

He emphasized Kingdom’s role in supporting Palestine and Palestinians in all aspects. He said, “We will not let Palestinians stand alone. We will continue to provide financial assistance for the Palestinian people and the State of Palestine.”

Saudi Arabia has transferred $60 Million to Palestinian Finance Ministry on Tuesday through Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) to uplift Palestinians’ condition.

King Salman personally hosts every year, thousands of Palestinian pilgrims from the families of martyrs and slain Palestinians who suffer at the hands of brutal Israeli occupation.