China builds World’s biggest Air-purifier tower, while India spends on statues

North China – Chinese scientists have built world’s largest air purifier tower of over 100 meters in the northern Chinese city of Xian to fight soaring problems of air pollution and to improve air quality in the city.

The scientists of China’s Institute of Earth Environment have claimed that the tower has already improved the air quality of the city across the area of 10 square kilometers.

The tower has a marvelously designed system that comprises of a series of specially-adapted greenhouses situated at the base of the tower which suck in smog and heat it using solar energy. Then the air rises high passing through the cleaning filters and eventually released into the atmosphere.

Cao Junji, the lead researcher of the project, said, the tower is capable of producing 10 million cubic meters of fresh air per day, while bringing the air quality to moderate levels on the most polluted days.

To keenly observe the tower’s impact, the scientists installed pollution observing stations across the city, and the results seem to be enormous with the extreme falling levels of dangerous smog particles in the air.

According to a report, smog has claimed over 1.8 million deaths in China, and scientists have worked hard to combat the threat.

Seven-meters high towers are also designed to install in parks and public places to suck carbon from the polluted air and convert it into diamonds.

Roosegaarde says air in these areas will be 70-75% cleaner than the rest of the city.

According the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, China has invested in clean energy projects from $7.5 billion in 2005 to $101 billion in 2015, while European Union invested $39.9 billion in 2015.