Yogi Police makes ‘Thain Thain’ sound to chase criminals

Uttar Pradesh – Video of Uttar Pradesh Police making fake gun-shots ‘Thain Thain’ went viral on social media when they were hunting down wanted criminals on Saturday night.

According to sources, Police chased dreaded criminals – whose reward was Rs. 25,000 – in the dense forests around 450 kms from Sambhal Disctrict. After firing a round, when the service revolver got jammed, Police officer made gun-shot sounds ‘Thain Thain’ to chase them. However, it ended up creating a mockery of the Police force.

Initially, Police officials justified the act calling it ‘psycological pressure’ upon the criminals, but later they revealed it happened due to jamming of the revolver.

Police men were lucky and no harm touched them. Finally, they were able to arrest the criminals.

In the meanwhile, a cop was injured and is undergoing treatment in the district hospital.

Yamuna Prasad – Superintendent of Police said – “the cops would be given training as to how to re-start a pistol when it was jammed.”

UP Police has been allegedly under the line of fire for the past few months for making fake encounters. The recent incident of Apple executive who was accidently shot dead in Lucknow is one such example.