Saudi Arabia to give ‘Powerful Reaction’ for any sanction, Arab nations including Palestine united with the Kingdom

Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Sunday warned to bounce back with powerful reaction if it receives any action, while rejecting all the false accusations, political pressures and threats to impose economic sanctions against the Kingdom.

According to a report by Saudi Press Agency, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has played a prominent role throughout history in achieving security, stability and prosperity of the region and the world, leading efforts in combating extremism and terrorism, enhancing economic cooperation and consolidating peace and stability in the region and the world.

“The Kingdom as the government and people are steadfast, glorious as ever, no matter whatever the pressures and circumstances might be,” said the officials.

Governments of Palestine, Yemen, Jordan, the whole of Arab league, Oman, and UAE joined the Kingdom as brotherly states against everyone who tries to tamper with the stability and security of the Kingdom.

Officials said – “the Kingdom appreciates the brothers’ stand in the face of the campaign of false allegations and falsehoods, as well as it appreciates the voices of the wise people around the world, who have overcome wisdom, deliberation and the search for truth instead of rushing and seeking to exploit rumors and accusations to achieve goals and agendas unrelated to the search for truth.”