Nagpur ISI Agent Agarwal offered job and high-pay in US by Pakistan

Nagpur – Alleged ISI agent – Nishant Agarwal – who was detained on Monday by Anti-Terrorism Squad was offered a high-ranking job with fat pay in America by the Pak handlers, investigations revealed on Tuesday.

Agarwal – employed at BrahMos Aerospace – was arrested on the charges of espionage and leaking the highly-classified defence information to Pakistan’s Interservices Intelligence.

“His interrogation has revealed that he was promised better job prospects by the handlers who posed as women and honey-trapped him. These accounts have been traced to Pakistan,” said an official.

The sleuths have started investigating his bank accounts and those of his relatives to see if any money was sent by the Pak handlers.

“While the money wouldn’t have followed an official channel, but still his bank accounts will be probed to ascertain if there are unexplained funds deposits or transfers,” the official said.

Agarwal would often flaunt about his job profile and his achivements on social media, which led the Pak handlers to easily trap him.

“Though he was working on a sensitive project that involved national security, he had put out his professional details, including his rank, profile, the nature of the job he handled on social media and professional networking website. This could have been picked up by those trying to look for potential contacts in the Indian defence establishment to get data on country technology,” said an official.

Aggarwal was tasked to supervise the new projects at BrahMos’ Nagpur and Pilani facilities and was exposed to a lot of classified data, said officials.

ISI seems to be interested in getting information on the new missle technology being developed by India and Russia jointly.

ATS team from UP has arrived in Hyderabad to investigate about Agarwal’s previous employers.