Dog runs away with an amputated leg from Operation Theater of Bihar Hospital

Bihar – In a bizarre incident in Buxar district of Bihar on Monday, a black stray dog crept into the operation theater of a Government hospital and ran away with the amputated limb of the patient while Doctors kept watching in awe.

Patient – Ramnath Mishra – of Ara district lost his right leg in a train accident while he tried boarding a running Sabarmati express. He lost the balance and fell off the train and his right leg was badly severed.

Mishra was immediately rushed to Sadar Government Hospital where his leg had to be amputated. While the Doctors were operating further, a black stray dog sneaked into the operation theater and ran away with the amputated leg.

The passersby started shooting the video in which the dog was shot holding a hefty fleshy piece and bones it took from the hospital.

Unfortunately, the dog could not be traced and the amputated leg has been lost.

“The hospital staff, shocked over the incident, made frantic efforts to locate the stray dog but could not trace it,” a source from Buxar district said.